The Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group presently is surveying congressional staff regarding the legislative branch's capacity.

This data collection and assessment is being conducted by: Prof. Tim LaPira (James Madison University), Prof. Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (Columbia University), Alexander Furnas (University of Michigan), Dr. Lee Drutman (New America), and Dr. Kevin R. Kosar (R Street Institute).

The purpose is to help political scientists better understand how Congress can improve its ability to oversee the Executive, identify public problems, and deliberate over alternative solutions.
All interviews are strictly confidential, meaning participants and their employers will never be publicly identified outside the research team. The James Madison University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is monitoring the research project to make sure participants’ identities are kept in strict confidence. The IRB-approved “informed consent” form may be found here.
Current Members of Congress and senior congressional staff who wish to participate in the project should contact Prof. Tim LaPira at lapiratm [at]